Why isn’t the spelling corrected?

  What does your child need to become a successful reader and writer? When children are struggling with learning, there are various possible reasons for their challenges. When I first meet with a new student, I do some assessments that are quick, easy and engaging, often including some games for younger children.

I offer

  • information from my assessments and observations
  • a safe environment so your child can feel free to make mistakes as part of learning
  • support for your child’s next steps in reading and writing
  • simple art and science projects that come from readings or lead into writing
  • suggestions for games and activities that can be practiced at home


My son, Michael, has struggled with reading and writing from a very young age.  He was diagnosed visual processing learning disability in the 3rd grade.  Leslie Marks has been tutoring Michael since the first grade.  Michael is now in 9th grade.  He earned a 4.0 grade point average his first semester of this school year.  Leslie works with Michael on a weekly basis.  She goes over all reading and writing assignments.  With her help, Michael has made amazing strides.  He is reaching his IEP goals and is excelling in the classroom.  Michael’s challenges will never go away but Leslie has taught him how to compensate for his challenges and be a successful student.  

Leslie has also helped my older son, Jimmy, with Honors English poetry assignments and college application essays.  Jimmy is an honors student with a 4.35 UC GPA.  He has greatly benefited from Leslie’s expertise as a writer when crafting his personal statements and admissions essays for his college applications.  With her help, he was able to complete all of his college applications early and has received early admission to several universities.

I can’t say enough about Leslie Marks and how much she has helped my children.  

-Vicki Lamerdin

Leslie Marks has nurtured and supported my son over the past 18 months. He has emerged from a non-reader in the fall of 2nd grade to a motivated and interested reader. He has consistently progressed in his reading and his excitement level towards reading continues to grow. She has made it attainable for him. He loves his sessions with her and often asks if we can go early. Leslie has integrated art with his acquisition of language, which has allowed him to express himself through art as well as writing. She grasps what they are doing at each grade level and sets the kids up for success. I am continually impressed with her ability to give my son the confidence that he can do this, and this has greatly helped with his attitude towards homework and reading.

– Susan Proksch

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