As a writing coach, I offer writing support to adults for developing their work from the beginning stages to edited final copy. From essays for college applications to memoir, I will support you in finding what you want to write and how you want to say it in your own unique voice.

I offer an array of integrated services.

Developmental editing:

To gain clarity about what you want to write and how you want to say it by

  • asking questions and making suggestions
  • taking notes as you brainstorm what to write
  • helping you develop a plan and timeline
  • dealing with writing blocks

To expand your writing skills. Depending upon your work, this may include:

  • structure and composition
  • dialogue and character description
  • sensory detail
  • point of view possibilities
  • working in various forms and styles with reference to master writers

Line editing:

  • paragraph structure and word choice
  • the balance of making scenes and moving the story forward
  • developing your personal voice and style

Copy editing:

  • writing conventions (spelling, grammar) and flow

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Leslie Sahaba Marks is an incredible writing coach and mentor. She supported me from the very beginning when my book was more or less just an idea in my head. She assisted me with the concept of my book, the structuring, the writing of scenes, and the editing of whole chapters.

Leslie brings a wonderful mix of skill, wisdom, intuition, clarity, and a great sense of humor. From the overall vision to the smallest detail, she is there to assist and guide you without ever being overbearing, but simply bringing out the creative genius in you. I would highly recommend her!

– Britta Eskey, Co-founder of the Cor Experience

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