Games Make Learning Phonics Fun

Children become engaged when learning is fun. Here are 3 simple games that can be used for learning the alphabet letters and sounds or words to be learned by sight. By the end of first grade, students usually learn the first 100 words that are used the most, which make up 50% of what we read! These are words such as “the, of, saw, was,” etc. You can look up “high frequency words” on the computer and find the first,

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The Writing-Reading Connection

At age three or four, children all around the world show a natural impulse to mimic the writing they see. When this impulse strikes, children will write anywhere, much to our chagrin. How can you help channel and sustain this impulse, especially as your child comes up against the challenges of learning spelling, grammar, and composition? Writing reinforces learning to read and reading helps develop writing skills. Some children even learn to read through writing. There are three basic parts

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