Fun with Words & Phonics

Children become engaged when learning is fun. Here are 3 simple games that can be used for learning the alphabet letters and sounds or words to be learned by sight. By the end of first grade, students usually learn the first 100 words that are used the most, which make up 50% of what we read! These are words such as “the, of, saw, was,” etc. You can look up “high frequency words” on the computer and find the first,

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Spelling Games & Activities

WORD BINGO AND WORD CONCENTRATION Word BINGO and Word “Concentration” are two easy games that will be fun for your child as he encounters words he’s learning to spell. (See my website article, “Fun with Words & Phonics” for more details.) FLIP BOOKS Making “flip” books together helps with learning “word families” that end with the same spelling. WORD SORTS Sorting words according to their spelling pattern helps reading as well as writing. For example, if your child is learning

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