My passion is teaching. I began my career teaching secondary English in a progressive, alternative private school, but after I had my own child, I wanted to work with younger children. So, for over thirty years, I have taught as a classroom teacher, and then an Intervention teacher for small groups of students who needed extra support for reading and writing at a public elementary school.

More recently, I’ve enjoyed tutoring both elementary and secondary school students in the language arts. For younger students, I often use interactive literacy games and activities to help them build confidence while developing reading, writing and spelling skills. Children’s interests and strengths help them deal with their challenges.

My upcoming book, Breaking the Secret Code, How to Help your Child with Early Reading and Writing, includes what I have learned over the years from and with my students, their parents, and my colleagues. Breaking the Secret Code is illustrated with children’s drawings and writing from Kindergarten through Third Grade. Their quotes and conversations, which are also included, give perspective, reminding us that these are magical years.


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